An Na Tay, Farah D, Fatimah Sawifi, Nurrulhuda Shaik Aminuddin, Wang Hong Wei
3D Work, 2021

Women are constant jugglers, trying to balance between work, life and passion. Just like the extra dose of the ‘X’ chromosome in the female genes, women, as working mothers, wives, daughters and sisters, need an extra dose of energy constantly to juggle the multiple roles that they choose to play. 

Likened to a game of pinball, the harder one pulls the plunger to shoot the ball, the more hits it is likely to get. Similarly for women, the more energy and excitement (boing) they put into playing their multiple roles, the more rewarding they feel at the end of it all from hitting all their target.

An Na Tay was a graphic designer before she joined the service as an art teacher in 2014. Her area of strength is editorial design. She graduated with a diploma in visual communication (advertising and publication) from NAFA and this will be her first participation in STAR’s aedge.

Farah D has been in service with MOE since 2009, and this will be her first participation in STAR’s aedge exhibition. She graduated from University of Huddersfield in 2008 and majors in western painting. Her past works focus on identity and social relationships, which transcended to the reliability of a human face.

Fatimah Sawifi has taught art since 1993, and this will be her second aedge exhibition, with the first during STAR’s inaugural exhibition in 2011. Fatimah graduated with a Bachelor of Art (Art) from Curtin Technological University in 1999, and her media of preference are installation art and photography.

Nurrulhuda has been teaching art since 2009, and her art practice includes Printmaking and New media. Nurrul graduated from University of Tasmania in 2015, with a Bachelor in Contemporary Arts. This will be her second exhibition for aedge. Her other exhibitions include Pameran Poskad 2020, Ion Art, Singapore and curated TRANSCENDENCE, Krafers’ Paradise, Singapore.

Wang Hong Wei is a Design & Technology teacher and has taught in the school since 2013.  This will be his first art exhibition with STAR’s aedge, in collaboration with his art colleagues. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in The University of Western Australia in 2010.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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