Digital Illustration, Video, 2022
Low Joo Hong
Arts Education Branch

The Visitor is a short film inspired by real-life experience. The story begins with a strange-looking figure visiting the protagonist at his home one night. Almost inevitably, the pair forged a cosy yet somewhat uncomfortable relationship; the visitor was always present but quiet and indifferent. The calm did not last long though, as strange, unexplainable things began to happen and the protagonist became suspicious of the visitor. The relationship eventually broke down and things spiralled out of control quickly. This is a story about the relationship between individuals; it could also be about the relationship we have with our own inner demons. In fact, it can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the audience’s background and personal experience. This is a thought-provoking story filled with amazing illustrations that will stir your imagination and prompt you to reflect deeply about yourself.

Dr. Low Joo Hong is currently a Master Specialist (Art) at Ministry of Education. Prior to his current role, he had served as an Art Teacher, a Curriculum Planning Officer, a Head of Department for Aesthetics, a Vice-Principal, and a Principal. Dr Low has a degree in Fine Art, a Masters in Children’s Book Illustration and a PhD in Art. He is passionate about storytelling through the graphic narrative forms.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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