Interview: National Languish Crass

Teacher-artist: Fahmy Bin Said Yishun Secondary School How many Singaporeans are aware that Malay is Singapore’s National Language? Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? My name is Fahmy Said and I’m the Subject Head of Art at Yishun Secondary School. I am trained in visual communications and also contemporary arts. Currently, my artistic practice involves […]

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Interview: Intersection

Teacher-artists: Nurul’ain Azilah, Khairunnisa’ Shamsuri &Farida Bee Abdul Rahman Sengkang Primary School Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? We are Ain, Farida and Nisa from Seng Kang Primary School.  Ain was a Generalist teacher before attending the first Art Teachers Practitioner Programme (ATPP) conducted by STAR. She proceeded to obtain her Advanced Diploma in Primary […]

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