Nature’s prints

Nature’s prints is about preserving nature. While Fan Yumei, Yvonne was attending her school’s staff retreat last December, the topics of discussion revolved around the Fourth Industrial Revolution where rapid technological advancements is changing the way students learn. With the focus on smart technology, they may not appreciate the nature around them. Hence, Fan’s journey […]

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Civilisations takes inspiration from the boisterous spontaneity and riotous energy of Tham Yoke Teng’s students outside of the classroom. This reminds her that it is what she should aim to preserve and develop in her classroom through student-centric pedagogy. In this work, Tham depicts the larger landscape of simultaneous connection and disconnection in a whimsical […]

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We have occasions where we want to remove a label from an object. The action of peeling something off requires intense concentration and might. Peel is about recovery and reconciliation with things we have done in the past and the wish to remove the marks left behind. by Angie Dai Huiling To see Dai’s final piece, come […]

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In Everglow, Rachel Tan explores the concept of light and darkness, with the latter allowing us to fully understand the former. Being traditionally trained in drawing and painting, Tan has always experimented with methods of manipulating 2D media to create the illusion of light. However, for this project, she wanted to extend the viewer’s experience by […]

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Activity Sheets 2018

Teachers are encouraged to bring your students along to the exhibition and carry out some enriching activities with your students! Fear not about having to craft your own lesson plan from scratch as our programme team’s teachers’ Mdm Gan Ai Lee and Ms Lim Hui Chi have designed some worksheets and drafted activities for you! Simply […]

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Accelerated Intimacy

“A momentary place of transit; the Hotel can be seen as an empty shelter. An oxymoron on many levels, this place is ultimately representative of space between boundaries; wakefulness and slumber, working and restful, solitary and inhabited, lust and apathy…” This installation provides an insight into the thoughts and processes behind the creation of Choo’s […]

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Mechanical Dance

Mechanical Dance (2018) is a visual behavioural study on a series of small ‘artefacts’.These artefacts are machines made of different everyday objects, powered by an electrical mechanism to create varied movement(s). Thus, each artefact has developed its own distinct ‘behaviour’. Observations of the artefacts’ individualistic ‘behaviours’ were recorded through mark-makings (charcoal, ink, pastel) on paper […]

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Working Spaces

What kind of personalities can we observe when we study the space in which people interact with or without facades or boundaries? Do the personalities of the person shine through all the clutter of work and habits? In a bid to answer these questions, Working Spaces presents an imaginary space which we hold close to our […]

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Experimenting with altering the conditions of developing negatives from analog cameras, Analog (2017) is a depiction of this art-making process. The display aims to provide space for the audience to make a connection to our artmaking process and its outcome without being too literal while engaging them with the vibrant, luminous images that were the […]

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What are the joys and woes specific to cross-cultural marriages? What goes through the mind of a person who decides to marry someone from a different culture? What keeps these types of marriages together? Find out how the artists, each with their spouses (of a different culture), construct a piece that exemplifies the tango of […]

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Target Setting

Target Setting explores our priorities, hopes, and desires through a child’s act of play. A metaphorical and physical installation that was inspired by simple play objects and its artist’s Southeast Asian Chinese roots, the artwork encased the beauty of ephemeral mark making and data mapping. To view Target Setting, visit us! By: Iris Chia    

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“Having a bad day? You can’t have it worse than this guy.” Featuring the final short of their dream series trilogy, ∞ is a film you do not want to miss. To watch ∞, visit us! By: Ho Zhen Ming, Ong Xi Wei Grace, Lim Ke Wei Matthew, Tan Siang Yu, Xie Shangyi, Hew Soo Hun, Sim Kim Hong

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