As a full-time working mother to two young children, with the experience of disturbed rest for the past four years, it has been quite a challenge for Grace Cheng to find time for herself. But on weekends when her children are asleep, she chooses to stay awake and get lost in art-making, as it is […]

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While most of us have spent more than fifteen years in school, many of our memories have dwindled to a brief moment in time, akin to the fleeting nature of shadows and light. In Schools.Shadows.Stories, Arion Harper Lai and Mohammad Zabid Jabar use abstract photography to capture the distinct moments of school life. Abstraction allows them […]

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Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below, or on the STAR Facebook page. Check back on 1 March 2019 to have some sneak peeks at the works of aedge 2019’s teacher-artists!

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“The fascinating thing about both HCI’s high school and college fine art studios is that their layouts are exact reflections of each other.” Transiting from Junior College to High School in Hwa Chong Institution, the College studio became increasingly unfamiliar to Ong Xi Wei Grace over the course of 2018. Simultaneously, as she began spending […]

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There are many types of spaces in this world: physical, virtual, and perhaps even dimensional. However, all shapes and sizes do not matter except the ones which are dear to us. Spaces which make us real, spaces which inspire us, spaces which lift us up. In Home, The Neo Generation wants to present their personal […]

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Buns & Tables

Students are required to ‘bun up’ their hair whenever they enter any special rooms especially the Art Studios. Inspired by the way the students personalise this ‘hair bun’ and how they interpret this guideline, Buns & Tables explores the relationships of how students ‘bun up’ their hair in accordance with their personalities. by Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Abdul Razak […]

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Chances deals with Ng Siew Kuan’s contemplation of the falling leaves that she encountered on her evening walks along Jalan Pelikat Park Connector. Its premise is based on the game of chance. In making the prints, Ng was not too bogged down with making accurate registration or inking, choosing instead to accept any imperfections. Ng believes […]

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