What makes a moment precious to the teachers of aedge 2019? Click on the links below to view sneak peeks of their work.

To view the finished pieces, come down to SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019.

Retrospection x Introspection | 3 of a Kind: Aznizah Binte Aris, Nur Aishah Binte Ibrahim Falli, Ruhernie Binte Abu Yamin

School.Shadows.Stories | Arion Harper Lai & Mohammed Zabid Jabar

Wishbone | Beryl Kwok

The words (Un)spoken | Goh Silk

Moonrise | Grace Cheng

Quiet Musings | Rischka Syafiqa Putri Jonawi

This is where it begins. | Sarah Choo Jing & Jérôme Philipp

The color of apathy 忘物的颜色 | Shen Jiaqi

Cloud | Tan Wei Zhong

Have you seen the other works under ETERNITY and MINUTE? Click on each subtheme for more.