As a full-time working mother to two young children, with the experience of disturbed rest for the past four years, it has been quite a challenge for Grace Cheng to find time for herself. But on weekends when her children are asleep, she chooses to stay awake and get lost in art-making, as it is a form of escape for her mind and soul. And often, she can only rest briefly, before they wake. She remarks that these stolen moments in the night for art-making are a mix of both pleasure and regret.

In the process of making Moonrise, Cheng had to ensure at least twenty copies were made, having learned from printmakers Eitaro Ogawa and Tamae Iwasaki that only two copies would be successful.

gracecheng_aedge2019_07.JPG gracecheng_aedge19_06.JPG

by Grace Cheng

To see Cheng’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019 for aedge 2019.

Want to see more artworks under the MOMENT sub-theme? Click here for more.

Cheng is a part of the Print-With-Me collective. View their work here.

Also see: The words (Un)spoken by Goh Silk


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