2014, Stoneware, 40 x 38 x 28 cm

By CHING YUK LING, Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Art Teacher

This artwork is a representation of our holistic education system, which seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourage personal and collective responsibility to the community. The gear symbolises the philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values, such as compassion and peace. The seven teeth that make up the gear represent education with a holistic perspective, which is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. The organic shapes symbolise our aspiration to develop in our young the strong foundations for them to thrive and achieve success in life as contributing members of society.


Lesson Ideas for Dynamic (2014) by Ching Yuk Ling

This lesson is suitable for students in: Upper Primary

Artwork title: Dynamic

Name of artist: Ching Yuk Ling

School: Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

Possible Guiding Questions


1. What shapes and textures can you identify in this artwork?

2. How is this artwork created?


3. If this work conveys the artist’s view about education, what do you think the artist is trying to say about it?


4. Do you think the title has suitably expressed the artist’s intention?

5. How would you recreate this artwork now that you know the artist’s intention? What other shapes and textures would you use?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

In this lesson idea, students could be exploring the use of shapes and textures to express personal thoughts about family ties and friendship.
One of the elegant tasks could be:
Create a clay sculptural form using a variety of shapes and textures to signify family ties or friendship.

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