2014, Stoneware, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Acrylic Sheet, 80 x 80 x 40 cm

By CHOW SHU JUN, MICHELLE, Nanyang Junior College, Art Teacher

Our roots often indirectly influence how we perceive life and from time to time, we are reminded to remember and be grateful for them. However, what exactly are our roots? My work questions the authenticity of Singaporeans’ roots and whether they are constructed to direct how we perceive life and current issues.

Lesson Ideas for 看 · 人生 (Ginseng) (2014) by Chow Shu Jun, Michelle

This lesson is suitable for students in: Junior College (Year 1)

Artwork title: 看 · 人生 (Ginseng)

Name of artist: Chow Shu Jun, Michelle

School: Nanyang Junior College

Possible Guiding Questions

1. Describe the subject matter of the artwork.

2. What is the significance of the subject matter?

3. Why do you think the artist chose to create the subject matter in this manner?

4. What social and cultural influences can be seen in this artwork?

5. Does this work show references or influences from other art movements?

6. Discuss the use of materials in this artwork. Do you think that the materials have been used effectively?

7. How does the significance of this artwork relate to you?

8. What subject matter would you use to recreate this artwork?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

In this lesson idea, students could be asked to think about the Singapore identity. The teacher could ask students to look into local artworks, designs, and films and examine how the Singapore identity is captured in these works.

A possible elegant art task could be:

Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’, also known as the Singapore Orchid, is a hybrid orchid chosen to represent Singapore’s uniqueness and hybrid culture.

If you were to design an icon to represent Singapore’s hybrid culture, what would it be?

Using clay, create a 3D prototype of the icon which represents Singapore’s hybrid culture.

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