2014, Broom, Dustpan, and Paper, Dimensions Variable

By FOO TIANG WENG, Mee Toh School, Art Teacher

A common statement used by generations, past and present, onto students.

Is it meant to be an encouragement, a threat or both?

How does a seemingly well-intended statement reflect on our views, perceptions and regards of sweepers in our society today?

Lesson Ideas for If You Don’t Study Well, You Will Be Sweeping The Streets (2014) by Foo Tiang Weng

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary School

Artwork title: “If You Do Not Study Well, You’ll Be Sweeping The Streets.”

Name of artist: Foo Tiang Weng

School: Mee Toh School

Possible Guiding Questions

1. Describe the objects used in this artwork. Where can they be commonly found?

2. Without looking or knowing the title of this work, what title would you give to this installation work?

3. Why do you think the artist used these objects in relation to the title of the work?

4. What emotions /feelings are triggered in you at the sight of this work?

5. What questions would you want to ask the artist?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

Starting point: big ideas–patterns/stereotypes

In this lesson idea, students could discuss the stereotypes that might exist in the Singaporean society. Students should describe actions and objects that relate to that stereotype. A possible elegant art task could be:

Design a set of photographic postcards that show one type of stereotypes, using only objects, places and reactions from a third person.

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