2014, Oil on Canvas, 102 x 76 cm

By CHUA WEIQIANG, Yishun Town Secondary School, Art Teacher

The work Vanishing Tiger could be interpreted literally or metaphorically.

At first glance, broad and strong brush-strokes can be recognized throughout the abstract piece. A closer study would show tinge of orange covered by the predominate shades of green and blue. In actual fact, I have intentionally covered the painting of a tiger through the smearing of paints.  In addition, the non-representational image presented on the top-most surface provides space for viewers to interpret the artwork through its title.

I wanted to use the action of covering in order to bring out the topic of values vanishing in our modern society through conformity. For example, it is a common sight that more and more keyboard warriors are contorting reality through their weapons of destruction, the social network.

The tiger is a symbol of our origins, of our forefathers who helped to build and establish the lion city that we live in now.

Lesson Ideas for Vanishing Tiger (2014) by Chua Weiqiang

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3 NA/EXP

Artwork title: Vanishing Tiger

Name of artist: Chua Weiqiang

School: Yishun Town Secondary School

Possible Guiding Questions

1. In your own words, share your feelings about the painting.

2. If you were to give a title to this painting, what would the title be and why?

3. What are your thoughts about abstract art?

4. Describe the painting in terms of EOAs (lines, textures, colours etc).

5. In your own words, analyse the brushstrokes in the painting.

6. Describe the emotions displayed through the techniques used in this painting?

7. Which art movement would you associate this painting with?

8. What message do you think the artist is trying to convey through his use of EOAs and techniques in this painting?

9. Do you think the artist has effectively conveyed his message through this painting?

10. What other methods could be used to recreate this painting?

11. Do you like the artwork? If yes, why? If no, why?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

Starting point: Art history – abstract expressionism and expressionism

In this lesson idea, students could be asked to think about colours and techniques used in art styles related to the expressionism. Examples of how contemporary artists have used colours, and applied these using palette knifes, brushes, or digitally should be shown. The teacher will ask the students to conduct a mini-research, identifying the characteristics of expressionism. One or two of the the lessons could entail exploring colour theory in an unusual manner, where students must create an abstract painting using regular or irregular brushstrokes, by adding one colour at a time to a fixed volume of pre-mixed colours. A possible elegant art task could be:

You are to identify and address bullying in schools. List the different types of bullying, and describe how the victim might feel.

Carry out a research on your selected topic be prepared to present the following slides:

Cover page – Topic

Slide 1 – Introduction and Background information

Slide 2 – Research findings

Slide 3 – Evidence to support findings e.g. articles, charts etc

Slide 4 – Sharing of personal thoughts or emotions

Create an abstract painting based on the above theme using regular or irregular brushstrokes, by adding one colour at a time to a fixed volume of pre-mixed colours.

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