2015, Pedestal, books, bottles, shadow projection on wall, Dimensions variable 

By MASLINA MOHAMED JALANI,  Yusof Ishak Secondary School


A|cknowl|edge a| myriad of knowl|edge’ is an interplay of linguistic morphology based on the a|edge, an acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations. Morphology, derived from Greek, means the ‘study of shape’. The installation aims to challenge the viewer beyond the traditional functions and shapes of objects. The work presented for this exhibition invites us to ponder upon these questions: Do we truly believe what we see? How do we as educators imbue the importance of knowledge? How do we acknowledge students’ efforts in learning?

This dialogue acts as a pit stop for educators to reflect and ponder on the effectiveness of arts education and its transformative power.





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