Dead But Alive (2015)

2015, Stop Motion Animation, Dimensions variable By  ANGELINA CHIA, Tampines North Primary School JASJIT KAUR, St Hilda’s Primary School             We were piqued by curiosity of how non-living materials could be manipulated to a living state. The close-up framing of the materials amplifies the textures, details and forms of these materials, evoking a […]

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Water Edge

2015, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable By ARIEL CHAN, Discovery Bay College CHEONG CHOO MUI, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  LINNA KLAUSS, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  LIM SIOW WUI, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  LYE LI MIANG DORATHY, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  TODD MOORE, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  SHEILAH MURTHY, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  DOREEN TAN, Singapore International School (Hong Kong)  […]

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(Intermission) (2015)

2015, Video, Dimensions Variable By  CHIA WEI HOU, Raffles Institution JOANNA NG SHUHUI, Raffles Institution   What does engaging in conversation really mean? Is it an exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings? However, does it really get through to reach the other party? Transmission fails. What we have instead is a beautiful culmination of slippages, confusions and […]

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Trying to Make Sense (2015)

2015, Acrylic on canvas, 180cm x 90cm  By CHONG KUI CHEONG GABRIEL, Bedok North Secondary School This work explores the idea of ‘big fish eating small fish’, adopting the style of narrative art which is similar to how biblical stories were painted. When seeing this painting, viewers may come up with their own interpretations, influenced by their […]

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