2015, Paper, 90cm x 90cm x 90cm (series of 3)

By ANGIE DAI HUILING, North Vista Primary School


Confronting my Fears is a series of large origami balls, handmade using brown paper. These balls are Icosahedrons made from 30 sonobe units.

Having a deep interest in origami since young, and fascinated by how individual units can be interconnected and interlinked to form a bigger completed unit, I was keen to explore the possibilities of creating larger than normal origami units, admiring the life-size units. By creating unusually large origami balls, viewers can examine the art of paper folding from a different perspective. I hope this artwork will remind us to discover a new perspective when tackling our problems in life, though they may appear larger than what we expected.

Viewers are encouraged to view the sculptures from different angles, i.e. seated on the floor, on their knees, or on tiptoes, to experience seeing from multiple perspectives.





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