This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 3 Express

Artwork title: Illustration on photograph

Name of artist:   Wang Mo

Reference Artist: Johan Thörnqvis


 Possible Guiding Questions for discussing art

  1. What do you consider as the most striking feature of the artworks shown?
  2. What do you see in these works? How do you think they are made?
  3. Why do you think the artist has chosen to illustrate drawings on photographs, what effect does the illustration create? Do you think the illustrations sit harmoniously with the rest of the scenes in the photographs?
  4. What are the mood and atmosphere conveyed through these works?
  5. As a viewer, do you feel that you are more engaged to the photographs with illustrations? What makes you say that?


Possible lesson ideas for making art


Pre-lesson preparation:

The teacher will provide students with the photograph of a father carrying his son. Each piece of photograph has its lower half torn away and attached with plain drawing paper.


In this lesson idea, students could be asked to look at Johan Thörnqvist’s illustrations and learn about story-telling through illustration on photographs.


Teacher will show students the illustration by Wang Mo, and encourage students to interpret what is going on in that illustration. Teacher will also instruct students on the basic ideas on characterisation, plot development and settings.

Teacher and students will discuss the narrative taking place in the artwork by examining the characters, setting, action, mood and atmosphere. The teacher will then end the discussion by asking students to think about an imaginary adventure that they’d like to embark. Have the students write down their thoughts and descriptions of their imaginary (or realistic) worlds before moving onto making their own illustrations.



Students will be asked to bring a photograph each. They will exchange their photographs with a peer. Students will be asked to create their own stories using their friend’s photograph. They are to tear away one part of the photograph and complete the missing part with illustrations that link their creations to the original image.


Follow-up lesson:

Students will be given the opportunity to discuss about their inspirations for the illustration, and introduce their stories to their classmates. Through this lesson, I hope to help students realise/understand that art is a form of flexible expression. The is no ‘one correct’ answer/way to how to create a good piece of artwork. This is what makes art interesting. They will come to realise that all illustrations created in this lesson will be valued because all of them are the fruits of our creative minds.




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