2015, Illustrations on Photographs, 29.7cm x 42cm (series of 3)

By WANG MO, Bedok Green Secondary School

Dreams invite people to ponder. I happen to be one, who dreams a lot at night.

As if it is not enough, I dream a lot in the day too, or ‘daydream’.

Very often, the broken pieces of my most bizarre dreams continue to come back, reminding me that there might be another kind of ‘reality’ out there. These little pieces of mismatched parts seem to have some peculiar resemblance to my real everyday life. I am thus inspired to thread these parts of fiction into reality, combining the medium of photography (reality) and illustrations in ink and paint (imagination).

There are common motifs running across all three illustrations; they are recurring images from my childhood memories, which followed me around the world. We are all over the place, mismatched and lost but having fun.





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