This lesson is suitable for students in Secondary level

Title of artwork: Heart to Heart to Heart (II): Balik Kampung

Name of artist: Victoria loy

Medium: Photographs, objects

Dimensions variable


Possible Guiding Questions for discussing Art

  1. Looking: Ten times Two

Take a close look at the artwork and list down 10 words that describe what you see

Observe the artwork closely again and list down another 10 different words that describe what you see

  1. Think about what you see in the artwork. What are the materials chosen? Why do you think these materials are chosen and what could they mean?
  1. How are the ideas and information in the artwork connected to what you already knew?

What possible metaphorical associations can you think of relating to the notion of “wrapping up” something with cloth?

  1. Looking at the title and the artwork, what do you think the artist is trying to convey through this work?
  1. If you have a chance to interview the artist, what questions would you like to ask her?


Possible Lesson Idea for Making Art

Students are encouraged to slow down and ‘listen’ to their hearts while they explore the themes of:

  • precious memories
  • home
  • effects of urbanisation

Create a visual mind map with texts and quick sketches, or illustrations of possible visual metaphors for the chosen theme.

Students could also do further research on the theme and bring in photos, artefacts and appropriate artists’ references to share some of their thoughts/ viewpoints/experiences in response to the theme.

Students could then select a medium of their choice to create an artwork.


One of the elegant art tasks could be:

  1. Reflect and share a significant unique aspect of the notion of “home” and create an artwork with medium of your choice to share your personal interpretation of that with others.
  1. Through brainstorming, explore possible ways of how you would depict “preserving or keeping” your precious memories. Through these explorations, think of ways to create a sculpture or installation to express these ideas.
  1. Create an artwork with a medium of your choice to remind others of the effect of urbanization.




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