This lesson is suitable for: Upper Secondary

Title of artwork: If I Were…I Would…

Name of artist: Jasmine Wong



“…” itself represents the silence of the audience when thinking about their responses before they pen them down. It can also mean the endless possibilities that could stem from the questions asked.

Possible Questions

  1. What does this artwork remind you of?
  1. What do you think could be done with the artwork after this exhibition ends?
  1. What other “social experiments” can you think of?
  1. How would you engage the audience to participate in creating the “art” together with you?

Elegant Task


To design a social experiment where the audience participates in the process of art-making


In this lesson, students will:

  1. Understand what it means by social experiment in art and look at artworks of this nature
  2. understand that art can be a collaborative venture between the artists and the audience
  3. plan an art-related social experiment in groups of 2
  4. create a suitable artwork that encompasses their own creativity as well as their audience’s responses


Students will:

  • plan a social experiment that engages the audience’s participation
  • create an installation based on the social experiment that they have planned
  • record all responses and upload them onto a platform for archival purposes





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