This lesson is suitable for students in Secondary 3.

Title of artwork: Linger…

Name of artist: Low Sok Hui

Medium: Glue, wooden frame


Possible Guiding Questions for discussing Art

  1. Describe how the materials are placed together.
  1. How would you describe the work as you look at it from afar, compared to a closer analysis of it?
  1. What do the marks created by the white glue remind you of?
  1. Can you describe some of the ways you have used glue?
  1. In what ways have glue been used differently in this artwork?
  1. What possible metaphorical associations do you have with glue?
  1. Looking at the title and the artwork, what do you think the artist is trying to convey through this work?


 Possible Lesson Idea for Making Art

In this lesson idea, students could be encouraged to explore the theme of memories, and brainstorm for possible visual metaphors. As an introductory activity, students can discuss the various memorials erected to commemorate historical events. The discussion can then be extended to analyse Suh Do Ho’s architectural works based on his personal memories. In addition, students can examine the works of Judy Pfaff who made bold use of materials to create responses to her experiences.

Students could then bring in photos and/or artefacts to share some of their most vivid memories/experiences. After the sharing, students will be prompted to think of a word that describes that memory and to find alternative ways to represent it – as a drawing, as a photo, as a 3D work or as a sound recording.


One of the elegant art tasks could be:

You are part of a team looking to create a collective memory project dedicated to the record of significant moments. Reflect and share a personally notable event in your life. Through brainstorming, explore possible ways to reflect the memory in a metaphorical manner through the use of materials or objects. Through these explorations, think about how you can create a three-dimensional memorial which is personally meaningful and relevant in commemorating your personal historic event.





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