Artwork Title: Portrait of an Old Warrior

Name of Artist: Mazlan Muhammad

School: St. Gabriel’s Secondary School


Possible Activities for Engaging with Artwork


1.     What do you see and hear? Take a close look at the performance and list 10 words that describe what you see and hear. Teacher may refer to table below to guide students in observation and noticing details.

2.     What do you think the artist is trying to convey through this performance? What evidence do you gather from the work that makes you say so?

3.     Beginning, Middle, End (Adapted from: Harvard Project Zero’s Thinking Routines)

–   In pairs, students are to consider whether this performance belongs at the beginning, middle, or end of a story.

–   If this performance is the beginning of a story, what might happen next?

–   If it this performance is the middle of a story, what might have happened before? What might be about to happen?

–   If this performance is the end of a story, what might the story be?

–   Students to discuss and explore ways to create a simple performance or movement choreography to illustrate their narratives, and present to the class. Students could explore themes such as heroes, fighters, patriots.

 –   Teacher to organise a critique session for teacher and peer feedback.

 4.     If you have a chance to meet the artist, what questions would you like to ask him? Why are these questions of interest to you?

5.     Teacher may also introduce and discuss works of other performance artists — around the world, especially Southeast Asia.


REFERENCING EOA                                                              REFERENCING POD

Line On the fabric/sarong Balance Symmetrical body posture
Shape Headgear Contrast Colours against plain wall
Colour Parts of costume Emphasis Facial expression
Value Make-up on face Movement Of the eyes, hands, legs
Form Dancer/performer Pattern The print on fabric
Texture Shoulder-piece Rhythm Dance routine/steps
Space Dance area Unity Full costume + accessories











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