2015, Oil on canvases, 270 x 120cm

By NG JINGGE JEANNE, St Gabriel’s Secondary School

As time goes by and as we grow older, more and more responsibilities are placed upon us. Thrust Upon… is a pictorial depiction of the increasingly heavy burdens we bear as we go through life. The lady’s headgear is the symbolic representation of the worries she bears, as she endures life’s struggles.

The headgear is formed by combining different varieties of flowers — each flower representing her experiences during the different stages of life. The hidden gears and clocks that blend seamlessly with the flowers exemplify the unnoticed ticking of the daily clock, as time relentlessly passes by.

Despite advancements in the 21st century, the responsibilities of the modern woman differ very little from that of her ancestors. She is connected to the women of her past by the continuity of shared experiences.





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