2015, Batik, 420cm x 119cm


CHUA KAIQING, Si Ling Secondary School

MICHELLE HAN, Si Ling Secondary School

 KARMILAH KHAMIS, Si Ling Secondary School

MARIE SOLIANO, Si Ling Secondary School

ZAKI ZULFAKAR NOORDIN (I/C), Si Ling Secondary School




A language that is spoken without words and yet is understood by many is an artwork — an artwork that uses a stroke of ingenuity, of a myriad of expressions and of dance. These markings are pieced together to give meaning by demonstrating an on-going reflective conversation through art. Thus, in a choreographed spectacle of elaborate movements of the wax strokes, the hearts, minds, cultures and traditions of each individual artist is celebrated as part of their lives; a process, a flow. Marking that depicts abrupt motion, like a dot or a single splatter, serves as an interjection; it stops, pauses, and allows for constant reflection in our lives — examining the past, experiencing the present and anticipating the future.

Expressed through the simplicity of form, yet boldness in delivery, the amalgamation of one’s creativity is harmonised through the common language of art. This work exudes the old art form of batik in a contemporary demeanour. The choice of media brings about the air of old and new, past and present, present and future. The work’s outcome is experienced by many in their own interpretation that aims to connect and unite different cultures of changing times. Each individual has their own “colour”, yet in lending, comes forth the exuberance of unity.

One heartbeat is the driving force in spite of the myriad stories found in every individual.




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