2015, Wood, Dimensions variable

By LOH LAI KUEN VIVIAN, St Joseph’s Institution (Independent)


My work is part of an on-going series created in retrospect. I am persistently moved to capture fading memories of my childhood play and living environment.

I draw inspiration from the materials I work with. In this sculpture, the main material used was pre-cut wooden stripes, courtesy of Singapore Design Studio PRODUCE. I worked intuitively without planning during the initial art-making process. A more ritualistic approach, developed over time through a repeated process of stacking, dismantling and reassembling, is used. Ten pre-cut wooden stripes were used to form the core structure in each of my sculptures. Balsa stripes were then bent to web the structure in a continuous flow.

My work explores the issue of urbanisation and the trade-off between conservation and urban development. I play to build and build to heal.





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