This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary Level

Artwork title: play I build #1

Name of artist: Loh Lai Kuen Vivian


Possible Guiding Questions for discussing art Possible lesson ideas for making art

1.     Examine how the sculpture has been assembled by describing the lines, shapes, and form. Use adjectives to describe your first impression of the work.

2.     The artist used both found objects (pre-cut stripes of wood) and new materials (balsa wood). The found objects have great symbolic significance to the artist. They are metaphors of what used to be the physical environment the artist grew up in. Can you imagine and describe the characteristics of that environment based on the found objects?

3.     What do you think is the artistic intention behind this piece of work? Support your answer with reference to the subject matter.



In this lesson idea, students could be asked to walk around their neighbourhood to investigate its distinctive qualities. Identify 3 qualities with photographic evidence to support.

A possible elegant art task could be:

Produce a stop motion video that tells a story of the people living in this neighbourhood, highlighting 1 possible cultural or historical significance.

During the walk around to gather information, students may consider observing the cultural, physical or social environment.





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