2015, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable


ARIEL CHAN, Discovery Bay College

CHEONG CHOO MUI, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

LINNA KLAUSS, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

LIM SIOW WUI, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

LYE LI MIANG DORATHY, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

TODD MOORE, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

SHEILAH MURTHY, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

DOREEN TAN, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

ANGELA TOH, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

CLARE WEE, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

PAMELA CHAN, Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 

NG LAY KWAN, Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore)

The amount of waste that is washed ashore inspired this investigation of space where water meets land. Very often, we perceive this landscape in a sweeping manner. Upon closer observation, we may notice that the litter on this landscape holds new interest depending on our discipline of study. Through our various lenses, litter can become data, trash into treasure. Interestingly, what one finds on shore differs from place to place, country to country, as the tide and water currents determine the type of discards one encounters, across different borders.





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