The following activity worksheets are designed for students and young adults. These activity sheets can guide visitors to see, think and wonder about the works on exhibit.


This worksheet encourages visitors to examine the artworks in detail, and match them to thumbnails in the worksheet. The second activity requires visitors to use a pencil to create texture studies from artworks of their choice.

<Click here for See Worksheet>


This worksheet uses the 10×2 thinking routine to encourage visitors to examine the artworks. The worksheet then guides visitors create word associations that end with a sketch of the last word. The last activity requires visitors to create a composition from a group of things, people, and/or places.

<Click here for think Worksheet>


This worksheet requires visitors to imagine how the artists involved in this exhibition, think and work from concept to a final artwork. The second activity requires visitors to make changes to the artwork’s size, medium (material), setup location, quantity and so on, and discuss how these changes can affect the meaning of the artwork.

<Click here for wonder Worksheet>

Teachers may also create their learning activities for classroom use, based on the artworks on exhibit.

In this example, the teacher had used Kamaliza’s My Board, My Story for three activities. In the first, students are asked to reflect on the values that they recognise are important and to create a metaphoric drawing that represents these values. In the second, students are asked to create a story-graph based on memorable events in their lives, or significant events in a week or in a day.

<Click here for my-board-my-story Worksheet>


These worksheets were created by Lim Hui Chi, an art teacher from Bukit View Secondary School.

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One thought on “ Visitor Activity Worksheets ”

  1. Thank you for sharing Hui Chi. Currently planning an exhibition with 2 other schools and these worksheets will help me in my planning of possible activities for school visits.

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