“My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.”  Tadao Ando, Architect

As artists, we often focus our attention on the final artwork and overlook the messy conceptual and experimental phases. Without the initial spark of an idea, the persistent developmental research, and the relentless explorations to generate possibilities, no artist’s endeavours can ever come to fruition. With inquiry-based learning where curiosity, exploration, and experimentation are valued, art educators can confidently showcase the pursuit of their artistic journey.

aedge logo

aedge (acronym for “Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations”) is an annual art teachers’ exhibition organised by the Singapore Teachers Academy for the aRts (STAR) to encourage art teachers to hone their art practices and enhance the professional excellence of the fraternity.

In past years, the “aedge” logo would include a graphical symbol or punctuation to reflect the theme of each annual exhibition.  This year, the letters ‘a’ and ‘e’ are conjoined to reflect how art-making informs teaching practices; the focus is to make visible the contemplative thoughts and generative processes in developmental art-making.

16 individual and collective artworks created by 24 art teachers from across levels and MOE HQ are selected from an open call by a curatorial team comprising two teacher-curators and a guest curator. The exhibition also features the works created by 38 art teachers who attended STAR’s milestone programme, Contemporary Art Practices in Schools! (CAPS!) to celebrate the contemporary inquiry-based approaches to art-making adopted by art teachers with the artist-mentors.

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