Jasmine Tan Jia Min, BA (Arts) National Institute Of Education // Juraimy Abu Bakar, CHIJ Katong Convent // Painting // 21cm by 29cm

Two artists. Two ideas. Two different generations. Two approaches. But, one artistic endeavour to symbolically represent the transition process we’re interrogating. This transition process represent our quest to navigate our way between certainty and ambiguity toward a un/common vision. And hence the approach adopted by the two artists invites them to ask: how, how much and why? Where and when does one stop to let the next proceed?

The work is a collaboration between an experienced teacher and his ex-student who is training to be a teacher. Each person starts one work but does not complete it. The incomplete works are then exchanged and the other party ‘finishes it off’, in whatever method and media deemed suitable. It is an unusual process designed to draw out the tension and synergy that emerges from a spontaneous endeavour to negotiate, direct, submit and revise.

Lesson Idea

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