Joseph Ng Swee Seng // CHIJ Toa Payoh secondary School //Photography // 21cm by 29cm

Photography as an art form in its nascent years, had been exclusive to few people due to cost and accessibility. An engineer, Steven Sasson, from Eastman Kodak invented and produced the first digital camera in 1975. Since then, the technology has evolved and by the mid-2000s, digital cameras had almost substituted film cameras. Today photography is within everybody’s reach. Anyone can be a photographer with a smartphone or tablet.

I began this idea of capturing images of photographers and photographer-wannabes a few years ago while on vacation. I had witnessed many tourists using different devices (Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, compact cameras, smartphones and tablets) to capture their subject of interests. In turn these ‘photographers’ became my subject of interests. So who’s the real photographer, who’s the amateur? Can you spot the differences?

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