Hair, 2021
Doreen Sim Ling Yim

Hair genetics is often seen as a part of us.  Each family has its own uniqueness.  Hair has been the crown of our heads and each individual has its own genetic make-up. Using hair to redefine art helps us to be aware of how hair can be recycled, how interrelated we are and how traditions and cultures still bind us today.

Using family’s members hair to create the art piece highlights the uniqueness of each family. With today’s busy schedules, the desire of children to have dinner with their parents might be left unheard. 

It has been a Chinese tradition that the children follows the father’s surname. However, the significance of a family is made up of both parents. Thus, the father’s and mother’s surname are put on a dinner plate to indicate the unique genetic made up of a family using the hair of family members. A dinner plate is a wake up call for us to slow down and spend more time with our loved ones and treasure every moment with them.

Doreen Sim graduated as a business student but found her passion in art during her teaching days. She has taken up an advanced diploma in art education to further deepen her understanding in art. She sees art as an important aspect in our everyday lives. In every industry, there is always an art aspect to it but many times, people do not associate art to it. 

She views art as not just a beautiful piece but to have an association with our daily living. 

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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