Mixed Media, 2021
Coelho Sophia & Candice Lee Shi Hua

Often we seek the opinion of others in hope of finding or confirming a similar view or understanding.

What we fail to learn are that opinions of others only lead to further bias and we never stay objective. If we are unsure because others have an opposite perspective to our own, we become overwhelmed and turn to family, friends and the internet to seek confirmation of something that may never be true. 

The levels of the curated, submerged sphere, determine the weight of the influences. If we make a decision that we don’t fully commit to, it fails us – “bursting our bubble”. Decisions are never certain, clear or straightforward. The realisation that our decisions are never truly self-made because of a contamination of views, it reveals the invisible chaos of the subconscious mind. 

Although the brain is recognised as a locus of consciousness, any decision-making is considered to be a multi-layered process. When we accept that our decisions are a confluence of our own making and external influence, ironically we discover more about ourselves and finding our x.

Sophia is a cross-level teacher with a degree in Art History from the University of Sydney. Her philosophy is that art is a continuous process of thought. Sophia interrogates concepts and enjoys responding in an interpretive, emotive and evaluative way. She advocates for contributing back to the teaching fraternity by sharing and collaborating with fellow teacher-artists.

Candice is an art and drama educator. Her seven years of art teaching and practices stem from her belief in authenticity. To her, authenticity is the innermost imperative of introspection and growth of oneself. Her ideas are distilled from both dialogues with the inner self and boundless perspectives. With this philosophy, she aspires to inspire. 

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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