Vinyl Sticker Floor Installation, 2021
Chia Wei Hou

In every one of us lies a map—we dream of possessing a perfect map that can mirror the world; a map that charts out every terrain, every detail of the space so that we will not lose our way.

Yet, there is no better map than the actual ground we are standing on; a perfect map shall be as big and as detailed as the real space we are in—we create our map by walking it, living it.

In every map, there is always a spot marked ‘x’—it points to a special spot, a vantage point, a desired destination, a mysterious place, a sweet spot, a buried treasure, an unknown and luring inspiration, yet an forbidden territory that we may not arrive at. We are constantly drawn towards ‘X’, yet losing our way trying to find ‘X’. 

Yet, only when we got lost… we wandered… we then truly experienced the place, the space, the site. It is the same for any learning/ discovery process: we search, we wander, we lose our way, we find (the ‘X’).

Chia Wei Hou studied Fine Art in Goldsmiths College, University of London, and had his Masters Degree in Art & Art Education in Teachers College, Columbia University, NY. Believing in the power of art to transform one’s life, he aspires towards passing on to students what art making and appreciation can provide—hope, meaning and purpose.  He has taught art in Jurong Junior College, National Junior College and is currently a Senior Teacher in Raffles Institution (year 5-6). He loves drawing and painting; working primarily with photography and installations–all revolving  around themes of systems & structures of knowledge and memories.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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