Digital Illustration, 2021
Goh Yu Jie

Fynn is a special boy on the autism spectrum. He loves creating and has an avid imagination. This is the story of how Fynn uses his talent and creation to help others see his version of the colourful world that he lives in. I hope that through this simple illustrated story, viewers can see that children on the autism spectrum understand the world differently from us. Sometimes it makes a huge difference to them if someone is willing to see the world from their perspective. Every person on the autism spectrum is different and every parent of an autistic child hopes that there will be people who are willing to give their children a chance and enjoy the special spark that they bring into this world. 

As a mother and an illustrator, I hope to create a work that can portray the world of a special child. Parents with children on the autism spectrum are always worried about bringing their children out into public spaces, not because their children don’t enjoy it. But they are worried that other people will not be able to accept their children’s special behaviour. I hope our society will work towards being more inclusive and understanding of anyone with special needs.

Currently working in Anglican High Secondary, Yu Jie, has been honing her skills in illustration for the past several years. She enjoys working in watercolour, oil painting and most recently digital art on the iPad using Procreate. Her recent evolution into digital illustration allowed her to introduce design and illustration in her classroom. Outside of teaching, she has exhibited with other artists, takes on illustration projects and runs her art teacher Instagram @cauliflowerpaint, where she shares her art processes with her students. 

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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