Found Objects & Recycled Materials, 2021
Tina Lim Hwee Tin

Do you ever question yourself about your values?  Do you wonder who you are living for? And who do you work for every day?  My artwork is a reflection of the turmoil I faced and the new perspectives I gained as I looked from the rearview mirror of my existence and life at 50.  Take a peek into your life, deconstruct your identity and let your old self die.  Release the child in you and curate your new life!  Life doesn’t stop here.  It is simply re-invented….

Tina’s artistic journey begins as a primary school art teacher where she develops an interest in Art through self-learning and experimentation.  It was in NIE that she further expanded her knowledge in paintings, sculptures and installations where she continues to explore the notion of existentialism, pursuing questions on her existence and “meaning of life”, her relationship with others, the environment and perception of reality through her works. 

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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