Video Installation, 2018 / 2021
Desiree Tham

“Resonance of Control” is a video performance that aims to reflect our human daily interactions with everyday objects. The work expresses the dependency on one’s obsession with specific objects. 

Using objects that I have obsessively collated over several years,  the work aims to disrupt familiarity these non-human entity, providing them with functions which allows us to reflect back to our society and everyday structure, yet, see how objects also provide a function for the human body as they develop a relationship with each other.  Every channel is choreographed to reflect a sense of tension, patience, vulnerability, risk, absurdity with the use of space and time to reconsider our surroundings  between stillness and action, seriousness and humour, intimacy and distance, control and failure. Such emotions echo our everyday routine and habits.

Desiree has always been fascinated by how objects can perform beyond its form and mediate relations in the way we perceive and think about society. Focusing on deconstructing and altering their functions into everyday situations, I aim to explore the tension that underlies every object and the infinite world inside them. I use objects and bring them into action, a space where possibility and everydayness converge to activate a transcendent new way of looking at simple objects and everyday routine.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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