Mixed Media, 2021
Norfaraidh Talib & Noratiqah Talib

By crocheting, many beautiful things are created in the process.

Despite the obstacles faced while adjusting to new routines in schools, we choose to embrace the beautiful side of this change and portray it in our artwork. With influences from Jacqui Fink who creates massive installations using knitted giant chunky wools, and Ivano Vitali who does not use yarn for knitting, we aim to explore ways to incorporate the experiences of blended learning. Our work Xplores and Xperiments the processes of ‘intertwined’ teaching experiences where educators are engaged in constant DECISION-making processes in the classroom in order to assimilate in the new norm and maintain DESIRED outcomes. 

Using unconventional materials in this artwork symbolises how educators use unique and unusual methods of teaching to ensure relevance and continuity of students’ learning. The process of art-making involves twisting the various materials to form the “yarn” of the art piece. These “yarns” are then woven together to form the final outcome.

Watch our interview here.

Farah and Atiqah are teacher-artist-sisters who share the same passion for art. Despite having different areas of strengths, they are strongly bonded by the love for experimenting textures using unconventional materials. They are both equally driven by the desire to collaborate in art-making. Farah took up an Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education Programme, while Atiqah graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. With all the knowledge and skills gained throughout their courses of study, the duo aim to explore how encouraging interaction and participation in Art can build a community.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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