Microbit, buzzer, PVC box, vinyl, 2022
Lek Yi Xian (Ethan)
Boon Lay Secondary School

How much does the physical space between us affect our communication and interaction? 

Inspired by stories of individuals during this pandemic, my work aims to highlight the unique relationship between distance and human interactions. Under the circumstances of home quarantine and work-from-home arrangements, families find themselves cooped up in the physical space of their house. 

Some people are appreciative when they get more time to share the space with their loved ones, understanding more about each other’s working or study lives. Whereas for some, frequent shouting matches become a norm as they are forced to iron out issues that they have been avoiding or didn’t have to deal with prior to the pandemic. As for lovers or friends, distance may result in a drift, or makes their hearts grow fonder. 

So how far apart do we need to be to be considered as ideal, or safe?

Ethan is an adventurer. His fascination with novel perspectives and challenges drives him to explore unfamiliar territories. As a trained visual communicator from NTU School of Art, Design and Media, he taps on his expertise to bridge ideas and knowledge. To him, Art sparks discussion, while Design facilitates communication. They are not the core subjects, but essential disciplines. Thus, his six years of teaching art (and math) stem from his belief that education should be interdisciplinary. 

As a new committee member in his school’s Applied Learning Programme that focuses on STEAM education, he had the opportunity to pick up Microbit, which became his choice of medium for this work.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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