Digital Print on Fabric and Paper, 2022
Amanda Soo Li Xin, Chia Hui Ning, Ng Si Wei Joanne & Siew Wei Jian Vincent
Hillgrove Secondary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Angsana Primary School, Peicai Secondary School

“Day Dreams: Re-imagined Spaces” provides alternative visions of our familiar everyday spaces by introducing elements of fun and playfulness! 

Common spaces that are experienced daily can become mundane and ignored. Each artist brings back a space of childhood delight and refreshes these common views by incorporating imaginative doodles to relive the joys of story-making, free-expression and the unexpected. 

The designed cloth is reminiscent of a throw / day-blanket – arranged in a pattern and presented like a digital patchwork. In patchworking, important pieces of fabric are used to create a uniquely personal piece. This artwork is symbolic of a shared collective experience in which the community can participate with – as it becomes a talking piece for others to recollect, share and create new stories.

Through illustration, the artwork expands the possibilities of these spaces and thus the artists and their memories have been transformed, enlivened and strengthened.

Amanda, Hui Ning, Joanne and Vincent share a close friendship that began in university (NIE). Though each have different personalities and strengths they bring to the table, they share a common passion and interest for the Arts and Art education.

As teachers, they are encouraged by the imaginative power they observe in the hearts of children. As adults, they wonder where their free-spirited daydreaming has gone. As artists, they embark on an exploration to retrieve their sense of freedom and humour. Through Art and intentionality, they hope to present new possibilities and offer fun insights to the seemingly mundane and common everydayness of life.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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