Mixed Media, 2022
Maisarah Kamal, Bazlee Bakhtiar & Vimal Kumar
Boon Lay Garden Primary School, Bartley Secondary School, Boon Lay Garden Primary School

Future, inner and extended space is studied in this research based work through cemeteries in Singapore, both those that exist and those that have been cleared. Apart from understanding the idea of loss through personal history, this work aims to unravel histories of spaces which were once the resting places of the deceased. The transformation of these spaces will be explored through a combination of photography and sculptures, with kinetic elements to further rehash the idea of time, having both a physical and abstract representation of height, depth and width. Motorised mechanisms will create rhythmic sounds through the interaction with ornate tomb-like sculptures which is meant to invoke an understanding of the effects that the irreversible nature of time has on spaces and objects. By mapping and documenting spaces which were once cemeteries through photographs and written notes, selection history is utilised to investigate change through stillness. 

Maisarah Kamal (b.1992) is an artist with a thirst and desire for the unordinary and the cast away. She enjoys working with materials that she finds in industrial areas and in nature . Her works aim to trigger self-reflection as she constantly melds the distant, cold, sombre feel of metal with organic materials found in nature. She uses her works to expound on existential ideas which she often ponders, of time, rhythm, movement and space.

Vimal Kumar (b. 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher with an interest in the visual aspect of storytelling, often delving into narratives of the unseen. His works explore themes related to culture, heritage, spirituality, and ecology. While he enjoys working with traditional media such as oil, gouache, and ink, he has a keen interest in photography and digital painting as well.

Bazlee Bakhtiar (b. 1987), is a History and Social Studies educator, who enjoys analysing narratives of the past that are often overlooked. He spends a lot of his free time looking up materials regarding histories that interest him, and he actively imparts these skills of reading and researching to young minds. In recent times, Bazlee has taken an interest in the study of aesthetics related to history. While Bazlee has actively offered his creative inputs to artists in the past, this will be the first art exhibition that he is a part of.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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