Ceramic, 2022
Sim Jiayan
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

My work focuses on qualities of delicacy and attention to detail. It invites viewers to observe more inquisitively and intimately with its unusual scale.

Every piece was meticulously thrown on a mini potter’s wheel and they function just as well as their larger counterparts. No two are exactly alike. In the process, I discovered its intricacies and limitless possibilities. 

Increasing in scale as one progresses in the mastery of throwing is a very natural progression for all learners alike. Having started my ceramics journey with the conventional approach, the reverse has challenged and renewed both my technical and inner thought processes. 

In the course of my practice, I have been able to carve out time and space for myself to push back the cult of speed and reconsider the little things and small moments that often go unnoticed in my daily routines. Above all, it teaches me to appreciate more with less.

Jiayan has been engaging with clay as a medium for a number of years. She enjoys the process-driven nature of ceramics and considers it a meditative form of creation. The unpredictability and surrender to the process of firing is another joy that keeps her fascinated till today.

Primarily interested in miniature ceramics of late, she is inspired by the works of Jon Almeda and Yuta Segawa. The immediacy of clay gets intensified with the tiniest and slightest of touch.

Jiayan is currently nurturing a love for art in her students at Methodist Girls’ School (Primary). As a cross-level educator, she believes in being malleable in mind and in learning.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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