Papercut installation, 2022
Suvitha Prakass Pillay
West Spring Primary School

The artwork takes the form of a theatrical book that explores space through 3D illusionism and narrativity using layered stories that create perspective and depth. 

These stories reflect my life as a new primary school Art Educator. My life had just gotten interesting when I decided to switch to primary school. I decided to record my daily experiences as they were too precious and personal to forget. I turned to paper cutting , as a means to record my daily thoughts and feelings, and conversations with my students and colleagues, through metaphorical expressions.

Suvitha enjoys working with paper. For her, paper is one of the most beautiful and simplistic materials. Her artmaking process involves exploring the materiality of paper. She finds that paper offers her endless possibilities to play with different layouts, experimenting with narrative sequences as she creates immersive worlds with the material.

Suvitha completed her Master’s Degree in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices at Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2021. During her brief stint in a local museum, she took an interest in exploring local and overseas museums’ strategies as well as museum education directed at children and families with young children, leading to a transition to teach in a Primary School upon graduation. 

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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