Mixed media, 2022
Thurayya Binte Roslan
Punggol Secondary School

Using Sims4 as a tool, the artist has brought out a character design in her virtual space into the physical space of the gallery through the means of a hologram projection. As we escape into the virtual land of make believe, the body sits still in the room while our mind is absorbed by the screen. Since it is impossible to be physically in the game, bringing virtual space into our world Sims Possible.

Sims Possible also intends to touch on how a designed space adapts to its surroundings and is sometimes used not for its intended purposes.

Thurayya Roslan is a full-time Art teacher who strives to remain creative through an accessible medium —- technology. Her works often touch on themes of existential crisis and are presented as installations. Prior to her teaching career, Thurayya practiced Art during her time as a student in NAFA  (2014-2017). Then, she also found herself working with video installations. 

Being a digital native, the artist believes in technology’s ability to make and present art.

Though she is still in touch with traditional art such as drawing and painting on canvas, Thurayya enjoys creating mini digital art pieces on her little iPad.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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