Pixel Art (Digital), 2022
Tay Li-Cheng
Raffles Institution

During the pandemic lockdowns, time seems to have stood still. Our normal lives are interrupted and suspended in a limbo state. This surreality resembles title scenes from retro video games – the endless looping of activities until someone hits START. The scenarios depict what might seem bewildering and fantastical, but in the context of what has happened in the last 2 years, becomes comprehensible.

The artwork explores how our understanding of inside/outside space changes because of the restrictions surrounding the pandemic. It celebrates the mundane and incredulous nature of the changes to our lives in a whimsical manner.

Hopefully, a (RE)START is in sight.

While not a gamer, Li-Cheng is a fan of the retro video game aesthetic – scanlines, pixels and limited colour palettes. He works across mediums from graphic design to ceramics to LEGO bricks, and is on a quest to reacquaint digital native students with their hearts and hands.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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