2015, Assemblage, 350 cm x 70cm

By NURUL I’ZZAH BTE BASIRON, ​Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

   Photo 5-1-15 9 56 50 pm


“…” refers to the continuation and reflection of the creative process.

It is a formula to find new ways to be creative in both the classroom and the art studio.

As educators, we need to continue seeking new ways to create meaningful and engaging lessons by going [back + forth], to observe, experiment, reflect and improve.

Observe: What is the profile of the students?

Experiment: Get students to try something new and apply to the topic.

Reflect: How was the lesson? Were the lesson objectives met?

Improve: What was lacking? What needs to be improved?

The same formula applies when creating new designs.

So, what’s your formula? 





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