Artwork Title: [ Back + Forth ]

Name of Artist: Nurul I’zzah Bte Basiron

School: Cedar Girls’ Secondary School


Possible Activities for Engaging with Artwork


1.     Identify as many objects as you can from the work. Describe them.

2.     Creative Questions (Adapted from: Harvard Project Zero’s Thinking Routines)

Brainstorm a list of at least 12 questions about the artwork. You can use these question starters to help you think of interesting questions.

–   Why…?

–   What are the reasons…?

–   What if…?

–   What is the purpose of…?

–   How would it be different if…?

–   What if we knew…?

–   What would change if…?


Pick the most interesting question you have in your list and discuss it with your partner/group.

What new ideas/questions did you have about the artwork that you didn’t have before?






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