2015, Mixed Media, 20cm x 20cm x 30cm

By ADZMEY BIN ASMOM, Junyuan Secondary School


Deconstruction of Self is an on-going sculptural work, which studies the deconstruction of sensorial experience of being ‘me’— as an individual, as an art teacher, and as an artist. It is a study that is centred on the processes of self-referential thinking and feeling, using my ego as the main subject matter, represented by the letter ‘A’ — A as in my Name, A as in Art, and A as in Artist.  In the process of deconstruction, the sensorial experience of thinking, ‘Who am I?’ is engaged, and whether the sense of being ‘A’ has changed or will change.  In addition, there is also a sensorial experience of feeling in working with a new medium, epoxy, in the construction of the sculpture, which has its own element of unpredictability in the process of meaning making in my art.





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