This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 2

Artwork title: Deconstruction of self Possible Questions Possible Elegant Task

Name of artist: Adzmey Asmom

School : Junyuan Secondary School

Possible Questions

1. What makes a sculpture? Would you consider this artwork a sculpture? Why?

2. What kind of materials do sculptors usually use?

3. What are the kinds of decisions that artists have to make when creating sculptures?

4. What can you see in the artwork?

5. What are the elements of art that you can identify in this sculpture?

By looking at a range of sculptural works, teacher to introduce the qualities of sculpture, as well as the tools and materials commonly used in making sculpture.

Possible Elegant Task

Art Discussion Task:

A museum/gallery has just acquired a collection of sculptures from an eccentric artist. However, the sculptures have no titles. The collection shows sculptures in different postures and expressions, depicting different relationships and emotions.

As a curator, you are tasked to decide on the title of each sculpture and provide an explanation for your choice.

– The main objectives are for the students to learn the concept of sculptures, and engage in the discussion about the inspiration and meaning behind each sculpture.

Art-making Task:

Create a sculpture using mixed media to represent the theme “Self and Relationships”. You may also explore postures and expressions in this sculpture. Make an informed decision about your choice of materials and explain your decision.




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