2015, Installation with objects, Dimensions variable


JANE HOE, Arts Education Branch (Art Unit), SDCD

KOH BEE KIM, Arts Education Branch (Art Unit), SDCD

TEO CHOR HOWE, Arts Education Branch (Art Unit), SDCD

WANG SHI HUI, Arts Education Branch (Art Unit), SDCD

SOPHIA NATASHA WEI, Arts Education Branch (Art Unit), SDCD



Every encounter with art – art works, objects, processes – reconfigures our relationships with materials, concepts, places and people, creating new meanings and context. As we pause, commemorate and celebrate art, art learning as well as teaching in Singapore, we contemplate the building of collective relationships and meaning making that take place in our classrooms every day. This collaborative artwork draws on references and resources from art and art teaching in our local context. The process of deliberation and (re)assembling of different objects recognises the rich resource that every individual/object brings (represented by …), and the diverse understanding and connections (represented by III) that constitute the collaborative (co)creating of experiences and understanding (represented by __) that occurs in art learning.




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