Artwork title: Childhood Dreams

Name of artist: Erman Bin Abu Bakar

Lesson idea

Visualising Dreams & Aspirations — students could be asked to think about their identities (internal and external, personal and social) and explore how these identities are conveyed through one’s association with certain objects and symbols.

How can students learn to create artworks through their identification of their personal beliefs, philosophy, past experiences and cultural influences?

This lesson could be adapted for upper secondary students, and further differentiated depending on their prior knowledge and experiences. This lesson unit will likely stretch over a term, and includes teacher demonstration, lots of students’ hands-on, research, and discussions.


Students will:

  • Brainstorm and explore ideas about their dreams and aspirations.
  • React, respond, research and reflect to think of objects/imagery in relation to ideas that emerged during the brainstorming activity.
  • Categorise ideas by linking words to related objects/imagery.
  • Research on pictures based on the objects/imagery. Research can be done through online platforms or pictorial books/newspapers/magazines.
  • Discuss and explore ways of representing and/or reacting to the objects/imagery that have been identified.
  • Take photo of themselves, striking a pose based on the reaction that have been discussed.
  • Do a collage compositing the posed photos and found visuals of dreams and aspirations. Collage can also be done using any digital imaging software; i.e. Adobe Photoshop.
  • Organise a critique session at intervals: after ideation and upon completion of works, taking turns to take and give feedback on their progress, challenges and successes
  • (extension) Print and display works to remind students of their dreams and aspirations.



Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Pictorials etc.

Digital Cameras, Printers, Glue and Imagination




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