Art Form:                    Assemblage

Theme:                        Friendship

Elegant Art Task:        Create a memento from found objects/materials to celebrate friendship.

Lesson objectives:      Students will be able to:

  • explore the deeper meaning of friendship and learn to appreciate and value their friends;
  • understand what is assemblage art and create an artwork with found objects;


This lesson could be adapted for Secondary Three students, and further differentiated depending on their prior knowledge and experiences. The lesson unit will likely stretch over 2-3 weeks, and includes teacher demonstration-lecture, students-at-work, research, discussions, and reflections.



  • Introduce assemblage art to the students.
  • Invite students to respond to the artwork “Dear Jone… with Love” and other artists’ assemblage work using the ‘Let’s Talk About Art’ kit.
  • Introduce the theme and elegant art task.
  • Get students to define friendship and write about their most vivid memory of a chosen ‘friend’ or list down 5 words to describe the friend.
  • Think of found objects that are related, to or remind them of that friend.
  • Bring at least 3-4 found objects to class and get students to share about them (the significance, the meanings, the memories etc).
  • Discuss and explore ways of arranging and assembling the found objects.
  • Record their experimentation via photography or sketching, as well as through writing their thoughts.
  • Organise critique session at intervals and give students opportunities to share on their progress, challenges and successes. During the sessions, invite other students to comment.
  • Display of students’ work.


Teaching Materials:

  • Found objects
  • Lesson Power-point slides on assemblage art and artists’ work





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